Friday, 2 December 2011

Life's a Voyage That's Homeward Bound

Househunting for the perfect space to fill with love, light and old things! It seems things are much cheaper the further north (or west!) we go, so these beauties are looking within reach... 

The Old Hall

Church Cottage

Pear Cottage

Fingers crossed! xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tilley's Vintage Shop and Interior, Design and Styling.

Dear All,

Tilley's Vintage Clothes is sadly no more but I have met so many amazing people; learnt so much about life and the universe and been part of so many incredible events that there are no tears being shed at Tilley’s HQ. Far from moping around in a Vintage frock I have been turning my creative fairy wand to interiors.. styling, designing, drooling over the Harrods interiors catalogue and generally discovering that I can put together a gorgeous Vintage look for alot less molah than the average Larry. 

My general inspiration is that of the Old School Circus, a smidge of Theatre and some Shabby Glamour as illustrated below......

Music Inspiration.
Click here for a playlist of video inspiration

Gifford's Circus

Isabella Blow R.I.P.

Les Trois Garcon.

James and Hannah Plumb.

If any of this has floated your boat and you would like to see how I could use an element of this style to combine with your stock and create a shop display, shop window or market stall that would draw in customers do get in touch. 

I am offering 5 shop keepers or market stall owners a free design, style and installation. This will help build my portfolio and hopefully meet lots more wonderful people in the process! We can work together to come up with a design or idea that I will go away and work on. You will give me the date you need the window or stall completed and a budget (for items mentioned further down). I’ll then present you with a finished plan and suggested pricing (for the installation ... wires, pins etc and any items that we don’t already have between us, such as balloons, fabric etc. My time, designs and travel are free).  

Please get in touch at with details of your shop/ stall dimentions, ideas, stock, your location and the date you would like to have installation completed.
The offer is open to UK shop owners or stall holders.  I reserve the right to choose the final 3 with travelling priorities in mind. 

Tilley x

Monday, 26 September 2011

London Fashion Weekend

There was not a huge amount of fashion for me at LFW, more Champagne than anything but here you go. 

I kicked off in a 1930's silk dress, Vivienne Jacket, 40's fur collar, biker boots and top knot, and the next morning we needed a very large cooked breakfast!

And the morning after: 

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tilley's Vintage is on Facebook

Don't forget to join us on Facebook. If you are a friend on FB you are entitled to free postage and packing!

In the meantime here's some duck footprints I photographed last Christmas... random but made me smile

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tilley's Vintage Events for Summer 2011. Up coming events for the rest of the Summer - Hope to see you there!


15th 16th 17th July

Victoria Park - London

Tilley's will be selling a range of  Vintage  street wear ranging from the 60's to the 80's. Got some great hats, bags and scarves plus the essential 80's crops tops and nordic jumpers and cardies.

Good Weekend Festival

22nd 23rd July

Woodmancott, Hampshire

The full range of Tilley's Vintage will be available at Good Weekend festival: summery 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's dresses; nordic jumpers, tweeds, scarves and 70's wear. We will be the only Vintage traders at this event and I'm really looking forward to doing the first year of this awesome underground festi, priced really well for a 5am finish both nights. Bleary eyes are us!

Vintage at Southbank

29th 30th 31st July

Southbank, London

Here's the biggie: Highlight of our Vintage year. Tilley's along with the majority of the countries Vintage traders will be at this mammoth event. I will be on the Southbank and I believe will be open to the public, so if your near the river any of these days try and find me amongst the millions of others!

Snape Maltings

7th August

Deben, Suffolk

Snape Maltings is a hugely popular Vintage and Antiques fair. Tilley's will be bringing along the pop up shop of classic dresses and beautiful older pieces.

Monday, 11 July 2011

1965 Jaguar E type, Series 1. It's not just old clothes that float my boat.

The best ever 'family BBQ' I've ever encountered happened yesterday. We roll up expecting a few family and friends, a cut off oil drum and lots of men in novelty aprons (as happens in my family) only to be faced with caterers... a huge marquee, crates of champagne, and enough prettily decorated tables to seat near on 100. However the most exciting part was my boyfriend's uncle's E Type. Check this beauty out. The acceleration was amazing - far more smooth and beautiful than any other car I've been in and the interior was immaculate. As are all his classic cars apparently, oh and there is the yacht too... another world I'm telling you, another world.

Vintage at Goodwood last year featured as many beautiful old cars as it did clothes and it will this year be held on the Southbank, London. This car has been invite as has Tilley's Vintage.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

1960's Heat

This gorgeous, lightweight 1960's shirt dress made from such high quality cotton/ linen mix, has the most beautiful detailing at the sleeves and collar. Originally from Seville.
Worn over a 1960's psychedelic (but subtle) mini dress.

Shirt free size, £35. Dress size 14, £15

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Jazz Age: 1920's and 30's Art Deco Fashions


Vogue's director of events was bound to host an excitingly gorgeous party so this Jazz Age theme was no let down. Stunning 1920' and 30's outfits were perfectly off set with wonderful head pieces, pearls and cigarette holders... no cheap imitations here.

Tilley's Vintage has a number of beautiful Art Deco pieces a 1930's wedding headdress, 1920's black wrap dress (size 12), a black feather fan and a large pink pin tucked nightie - do get in touch for more details

Tilley xxx

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tilley's goes back to Uni!

How exciting! The fields of Brum have been waiting for a Tilley's comeback for a while. Back in the day I went to Uni in Edgbaston and Digbeth was my favourite hang out, so I'm very excited to be bringing Tilley's Vintage to Digbeth on Saturday 4th June.

Hope to see you all there : )

Friday, 20 May 2011

1970's Glamour for Today

Such brilliant bright colours and quality cuts are available from the very-fashionable-at-the-moment 1970's. Vintage fashion from this period can deliver really wonderful pieces because they wore out all the vintage from previous eras in the 60's and 70's then along can the very non-vintage era of the 80's and hey presto 70's garb stayed well and truly safe in our mum's closets.

So here in homage to the wonderful era that can scream hippy romance, disco queen or high maintenance glamour are a few of my favourite piece's from Tilley's Vintage this season...

70's Rabbit fur coat, with faux fur collar.
Perfect condition, no marks or stains to the lining. Pellets are in great condition.
With pockets and a drawstring waist. Size 12.

Beautiful condition 1970's pussy bow shirt. One button missing from the sleeve.
Brilliant bright colours.
Size 14.

Beautiful linen dress. Lined so soft against the skin. Bright colours in very psychedelic patterns. Perfect condition.
Tall size 10.

This jacket has never been worn or seen any light since it was made. The buttons are beautiful, the olive green suede is soft and un-marked and the beautiful back is embroidered at the base of the spine. More pictures available.
Size 8 to 10.

Email me at for more info.
Payment can be made via paypal or cheque.

Much Love

Tilley X

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Shoreditch does Wedding Fever

Hilarious - you've never seen so many stupendously drunk and hip people getting excited about the Royals in your life. The que was four streets long to get into our little street party and people were there before 8 am to ensure they got in for 11. My outfit was photographed more times than I could count and should have been on French channel 2 as well - oh the glamour.

The Commoner come Countess looked beautifully happy I thought, and my prediction of the frock wasn't far off especially if you take into account the maid of honour's buttoned dress. Good luck to them - I really hope they stay so in love.

Shoreditch's version of Royal fever:

Tilley xxx

Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Vintage Royal Wedding

I am so keen for Ms Middleton to turn up tomorrow in a corker of a OTT frock with some big crazy statement.... a Union Jack sown into the train maybe, or a few diamante crowns sown into the netting for a bit of Gypsy fun? But we all know it's going to be a very safe and simple affair. Possibly of a vintage style though ... it is all the rage in the 'safe', middle class brigade now. So my prediction? An A line, white dress. Some embroidery. Little sleeves with buttons - I feel alot of buttons down the back and a few to do the sleeves up. A long vintage style veil, cathedral length obviously, of french lace. And a long train...

But I do wish some of the following bits of inspiration would appear... here's to dreaming:

I do wish her all the best though. Even if I do think she's barmy marrying into a role of quietness and servitude when she's clearly her own woman. I hope the royals do you proud.
Good luck luv'


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Windsor Vintage Fair Apil 2011

Such a great day yesterday with Sadie Boon, The Retro Lady, Lily Vintage and Penny Farthing to name a few. Wonderful to meet you all : )

Was a brilliant introduction to the South for me and I even managed to negotiate some London drivers on the M25 down ... seriously if anyone drove like that up north you'd be banned prety quickly! Then there was the parking charges £18 for the day !!!! I've obviously lived up north too long - I nearly keeled over!

But the warm welcome was well worth it, sun beaming through the windows and loads of happy sun shiney vintage shoppers, including a very skinny Anna Friel who joked that she like my necklace/ tape measure and tried in vain to find a Harris Tweed that didn't hang off her!

Tats and tweeds. Nice

Much love

Tilley xxx