Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Vintage Royal Wedding

I am so keen for Ms Middleton to turn up tomorrow in a corker of a OTT frock with some big crazy statement.... a Union Jack sown into the train maybe, or a few diamante crowns sown into the netting for a bit of Gypsy fun? But we all know it's going to be a very safe and simple affair. Possibly of a vintage style though ... it is all the rage in the 'safe', middle class brigade now. So my prediction? An A line, white dress. Some embroidery. Little sleeves with buttons - I feel alot of buttons down the back and a few to do the sleeves up. A long vintage style veil, cathedral length obviously, of french lace. And a long train...

But I do wish some of the following bits of inspiration would appear... here's to dreaming:

I do wish her all the best though. Even if I do think she's barmy marrying into a role of quietness and servitude when she's clearly her own woman. I hope the royals do you proud.
Good luck luv'


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