Wednesday, 13 April 2016

7 Festival Wedding Planning Tips brings you  the most practical tips that you just wouldn't know unless you throw a lot of outdoor events..

1. Get Off Grid! All weddings, I  suggest to clients, should be simplified where possible. Where possible means where you can save money but also use more creative and interesting options. Hiring in a generator and water is noisy, expensive and unnecessary. And it goes without saying, bad for the environment. So here are some excellent suggestions for alternatives:
- Portable compost loos with battery powered fairylights inside. (Contact me for people who can supply these in the UK
- Solar electricity for amps if necessary.
- Candle light inside and outside your tent.
- BBQ catering!

2. Contain your spaces. To ensure the atmosphere doesn't get lost create a main space that everyone congregates in, and one outdoor space, well linked with a large open space if possible. Don't use too many spaces unless you have 500 guests or more! If you'd like some advice on the flow of your wedding and spacing pop me an email for stretchtent and lighting

3. Use an unusual marquee. This of course isn't essential but makes for such an interesting talking point if you do. A tent such as a Stretchtent can be used to really shape your wedding space as they can be stretched into whatever shape works for you. Plus they frame a beautiful view brilliantly.

4. Don't do it all on your own, especially the day itself. You need someone to oversee the day as you won't have the hotel's receptionist to direct the florist or the bar into place. You may not even have much mobile reception so you need someone to help you not go into panic mode!

5. Keep your guests close. Campsites are often a great option for a festival wedding as they keep your guests close by, within walking distance and often have a few glamping or guesthouse options in the vicinity too. 

From Fred's Yurts. Contact Loz or Fred for extra glamping possibilities.

6. Plan for lighting up areas for your guests in the dark. A line of tea lights in jars works well, especially tucked under steps. Aim for flowing curves instead of lines - looks so magical at night!

7. Stilettos and grass aren't a great mix. Warn your guests on the invite to bring warm evening coats and wear appropriate shoes.

Oh and a sneaky extra just for you - cover those haybales! Scratchy, itchy, tight-laddering hay never makes for happy guests in their wedding finery! ( have hessian haybale covers to rent)

Happy partying!
Ruth &