Saturday, 30 April 2011

Shoreditch does Wedding Fever

Hilarious - you've never seen so many stupendously drunk and hip people getting excited about the Royals in your life. The que was four streets long to get into our little street party and people were there before 8 am to ensure they got in for 11. My outfit was photographed more times than I could count and should have been on French channel 2 as well - oh the glamour.

The Commoner come Countess looked beautifully happy I thought, and my prediction of the frock wasn't far off especially if you take into account the maid of honour's buttoned dress. Good luck to them - I really hope they stay so in love.

Shoreditch's version of Royal fever:

Tilley xxx

Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Vintage Royal Wedding

I am so keen for Ms Middleton to turn up tomorrow in a corker of a OTT frock with some big crazy statement.... a Union Jack sown into the train maybe, or a few diamante crowns sown into the netting for a bit of Gypsy fun? But we all know it's going to be a very safe and simple affair. Possibly of a vintage style though ... it is all the rage in the 'safe', middle class brigade now. So my prediction? An A line, white dress. Some embroidery. Little sleeves with buttons - I feel alot of buttons down the back and a few to do the sleeves up. A long vintage style veil, cathedral length obviously, of french lace. And a long train...

But I do wish some of the following bits of inspiration would appear... here's to dreaming:

I do wish her all the best though. Even if I do think she's barmy marrying into a role of quietness and servitude when she's clearly her own woman. I hope the royals do you proud.
Good luck luv'


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Windsor Vintage Fair Apil 2011

Such a great day yesterday with Sadie Boon, The Retro Lady, Lily Vintage and Penny Farthing to name a few. Wonderful to meet you all : )

Was a brilliant introduction to the South for me and I even managed to negotiate some London drivers on the M25 down ... seriously if anyone drove like that up north you'd be banned prety quickly! Then there was the parking charges £18 for the day !!!! I've obviously lived up north too long - I nearly keeled over!

But the warm welcome was well worth it, sun beaming through the windows and loads of happy sun shiney vintage shoppers, including a very skinny Anna Friel who joked that she like my necklace/ tape measure and tried in vain to find a Harris Tweed that didn't hang off her!

Tats and tweeds. Nice

Much love

Tilley xxx

Friday, 8 April 2011

Space - Gallery

Such a gorgeous new Art Gallery opening in Folkestone, Kent.

Sam Burden and Andy Shorten - four of the best 'eyes' i've ever met have been working day and night to get this place going. Hope you like it as much as me.

Great job!