Friday, 14 February 2014

Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Without The Stress!

For those of you sans-kids you may be unaware just how much work is involved with a child's birthday party: the planning; invites, theme, cake, food, decor, balloons, party bags, presents. Not to mention the clearing up after! All this around your 'everyday' child-centered life that ends when they are asleep (in my case around 10pm some nights).. so you have around 2 hours per day to put in the leg work, after clearing up and doing everything else you can't do with the little people around! 

Then it comes to the day itself. The children have every expectation and the build up in their mind is enormous. So how do you juggle the food and setting up the party with spending time with your loved one on their birthday? Ask Festoon to do it for you! 

Festoon can provide a ready made child's party with themes such as The Circus or A Rainbow or you can work with us to create the perfect theme for your child. All parties include a soundtrack, decor, chalk board & chalk and table ware (table cloth, napkins, plates, cutlery, milk bottle cups & straws). Add-ons include inventive invites, sweetie table & weighing scales, party food, cake and party bags. 

Shropshire based will travel. 

Sit back - enjoy your little person's birthday! 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How to make your other half become your future - Speak to her heart.

Once again creativity is key here. Your aim? To show her (or him) just how much they mean to you with a proposal that can be told for generations. Start as you mean to go on in your life together and think long and hard; apply ideas that mean something special to the two of you, and make a sweeping, confident statement.

Here are some of my favourites:

I'll start with a classy, elegant idea for the bride who would love something from Tiffanys and for the groom who wants to start things off on that sort of foot. You organise a photoshoot with a professional photographer and hide the ring from your love. She sees the photos when they come through from the photographer and you get down on your knee. 

For a more informal photo engagement idea (that costs a fraction of the first idea) how about this? You take your love to the nearest photobooth for a fun photo session in between a really lovely day out. You pop the ring out when the second picture is about to shoot and the reaction is recorded beautifully.

For couples who love nature and regularly are out walking why not arrange for your local farmer to help out with spray painted silage bales? If your local farmer is not so forthcoming you could arrange before the walk for a sign to be written in the mud of the path you will be walking along or use large stones with the question written on to be strewn across your path. 

 On to your passions and loves (outside of each other of course). If your dog is the 2nd love of your partner's life why not order a new tag for their collar....

Another passion - Books! Find that first edition (don't cut that one!) or buy a copy of their favourite book and cut out a space for the ring. Replace the copy they are always dipping into with this one. 

If you are a tattoo nut (or even if you are not!) but most importantly if you are sure she will say yes, why not get it tattooed? The shock of revealing your newest tattoo will never fade and the happy memories will be with you forever.

Crazy about rollercoasters? Was your first date to a fun fair? This is the one for you! She will see your proposal only when you all get off the ride. 

Or there is the old fashioned romantic - rose petal and candle idea. So intimate and beautiful.

Whatever you decide, make it personal and meaningful so you will remember it for all the right reasons.
Big love - Valentines 2014 xxx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

My 5 Favourite Wedding 'Cakes' for 2014

I am a big believer in using something unexpected to put a spin on the traditional. Now I'm not suggesting you spurn the sweet traditional tiers of yumminess and the cutting of the cake, I'm merely offering you alternatives and practical solutions for the modern bride. We all need to save money, to impress our guests and to leave a lasting memory of our special day so here comes 5 delicious yet chic ways to do all of the above....

The Cheese Cake.
The classic alternative wedding 'cake'. Tiers made from rounds of cheese, decorated with grapes. Can still be cut as a traditional cake but provides after dinner cheese and lasts waaaaayyyy into the evening buffet. I would add medjool dates and ivy trailing down the layers. 

The Pie Cake.
An evening buffet & 'cake' with plenty of wit thrown in for good measure. Who needs to spend on two lots of catering?

The Doughnut Pile.
 Already portioned up. Chic. Yummy. Cheap. Done.
Eton Mess Cake.
This has to be my favourite idea. A society wedding I worked at years ago had a whole table covered in tin foil, then our chefs covered it layer by messy layer with meringue, cream and berries, we then decorated it with edible flowers, berries and icing sugar. It was the messiest most beautiful, impressive 'Cake' come dessert I've ever seen. 
Marshmallow Tower.
Something so blummin' original no-one (including myself) has put it together yet! The homemade marshmallow trend is so now and so delicious. Pile up an enormous tower and decorate with your flower or fruit of choice. Pennie at the amazing Pear of Peas does the tastiest marshmallows (you can send the freebies when ever you have a spare second Pen)!
Hope you gain some inspiration from my ideas.
Enjoy your sugar high : )

Friday, 17 January 2014

Marriage or Wedding? Both please!

The former Archbishop of Canterbury has commented that the pressure to have the 'perfect' wedding has become one of the biggest threats to marriage itself. With the focus being on the wedding rather than the marriage, profiteers take over and turn what in his opinion should be a 'simple public declaration of commitment' into a 'showy and expensive day'.  He comments that the enormous shows of wealth and extravagance (which many can barely afford) last a day but leave little time to focus on the day to day normalitities that couples then have to struggle through.

You may be surprised to hear that I am with him (despite possibly being one of the 'profiteers' he mentions). I especially agree with his presumption "This is an aspect I think of the short term, unimaginative, emotionally unintelligent climate that sometimes we seem forced to inhabit". Despite charging money to help make people's weddings and parties beautiful events my main focus is to make it a memorable event. Not for the reasons you may assume. A wedding may be memorable because of the enormous amount of money spent on it or it may be memorable because the bride wore an enormous dress, but neither of those reasons create positive and happy memories for the bride, groom, their families and friends.

Positive memories are created when an aspect of the wedding ceremony or reception speaks to the guests and warms their heart. Memories of the couple putting together a time capsule at the altar to be opened in 10, 20, 30 years time. Memories of the day two people you care about promised so much to each other when you look at the flowers growing from the seeds that were your wedding favour. Memories of the photos of  relatives who could not be with the couple on their day, blowing in the wind in a 'family tree'. These are positive memories that I am interested in and that can be created for very little money but with plenty of imagination and emotional intelligence that help focus couples in the long term. These are the things that I believe create the 'perfect wedding'.

I am interested in creating memorable events for the couple. When happy memories last amongst people who love a couple, they grow and add to the love and commitment of the couple. 

For more ideas about how to create the emotionally intelligent wedding see my Pintrest Board: