Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Women in Jeans: Ted Lapidus and the Beauty of Feminist Fashion.

Ted Lapidus did everything first. From skintight jumpsuits, to Safari Chic and unisex fashion....the world of feminism as well as fashion has alot to thank him for.

Blue jeans were, prior to Lapidus, an item of anti-fashion; he borrowed it from the workers and gave it to the women and men of the street.

The power of the woman in a pair of jeans is amazing; it makes anti-feminists rise: "her jeans signal that you may have to deal with her "GID" – "gender identity disorder." Her jeans are saying: "I don't want to be a woman. I don't want to look good for men. I fear and distrust men. I want male prerogatives." ( ... comments like this make me even more aware of the importance of Women In Jeans.  

Lapidus put women in a unisex item; in a physical worker's hardwearing item, in an item that won't need darning. Most importantly for me he put women in an item of clothing that makes us feel comfortable to do anything we want. A dress suits me very well for many days of the week, but that's just my choice. I would feel enormously disempowered if I was told not to wear that pair of comfy old jeans when I feel like going for a yomp in the hills, or on the day of my period, or just on the day you want to wear blue..

Women in Blue Jeans are a sign of feminism; but to your average woman and girl they are a a sign of female strength and our all purpose, nature. Whether they are aware of it or not.

A gorgeous Ted Lapidus late 70's Couture dress is available here: Ted Lapidus

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Jose Gonzalez and the New Beginning

A good friend recently rang me up to tell me a massive change was a foot for us Librans. I smiled and nodded, and couldn't help hoping this would be a positive one after the bad luck that landed my way recently. Unfortunatly it was not a good one but was hopefully the end of the unlucky streak and the start of a new beginning.

Jose Gonzales shows his healing powers.

And Lilly shows hers...

Yesterday the beautiful Lilly gave me an equally beautiful evening of Yoga. Her business Peacock Tree Yoga is running away with it's self at the moment but do be in touch for private classes and the few remaining spaces.

Talking of Peacocks do check out the beautiful 60's embroidered silk coat dress (amongst many others) that have just gone up on ebay.. tilleysvintage

More tomorrow

Ruth xx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Comfy Club Chair

The last few days have brought a massive need for comfort. A new slouchy maxi dress, my cat Fleur and the following chair have helped... a bit

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Fur Debate

I spent this summer dancing at festivals into the night and watching the sun rise. The reason I was able to do this? My rabbit fur coat. I was the only person who felt none of the evening chill after bright sunny days wearing very little and I sat watching the sun rise very happily.
The other thing I spent the whole summer doing was defending my reasons for wearing it. There were many looks of surprise 6 months ago when I first donned the coat however I have noticed recently a marked decrease of shock on observers faces. Maybe fur is being more widely worn or maybe I have just become less sensitive. Indeed the first time I wore it into town I came back in tears certain that the students behind me in Starbucks had slashed my fur as it was hanging off at my elbow. I was mistaken and the pellets had just come apart. However one designer shop in York  had anti fur protestors outside when they first brought in fur trimmed coats, so people are still as sensitive and passionate about the issue as they were 20 years ago.
Today's papers are full of people eating locally; sourcing their food and using the whole animal, so eating more economically has become a real social issue. We are all becoming well educated about farming. Vegetarianism isn't the only moral option. I eat meat; I wear leather, as do the majority of the British population. Why should I not wear animal fur that has been farmed to keep me warm, when those pigs were farmed to feed me? I see no moral difference between the two. Equally I strongly respect and agree with my many Vegan friends who are mostly Vegan for health and environmental reasons. After eating with my Vegan friend all weekend at one festival I felt alive and full of energy (despite the amount of alcohol consumed) and very well fed with beautiful food, but I still wore my coat and she did not blink an eyelid. She knows I eat meat, why should I not wear the natural fur from that rabbit stew?
My second argument which I feel equally strongly about is that I would much rather wear a natural fabric than a manufactured fabric any day. Silk, wool, cotton, fur all let your skin breathe and last much longer than any nylon. They do not irritate your skin. They keep you far warmer than any man made outfit I have ever worn. Ultimately they have been manufactured naturally. There has been no chemicals or carbon used or created and I can wear my natural fabrics with no worry of extra hormones being put into our environment.
Thirdly I wear Vintage furs. These are recycled and re worn. They have a history. They would have been the central piece of a woman’s wardrobe, the very expensive piece that would hopefully last a lifetime. They have, and now they are lasting another lifetime. I wear my fur with respect for not only the previous owner’s life whilst wearing it but also of the animals that created it. They probably lived short lives but now they are being appreciated for decades to come.
I feel a shift away from the Cruella De Ville, long finger-nailed, immoral bitchiness that was previously associated with fur wearers. Surely fur is the natural choice that I feel morally and environmentally assured to wear.
 Tilley's Vintage Furs.
This beautiful 1950’s rabbit Fur was brought second hand in the 60’s at London’s Portobello road, so has already given two women a few decades of wear. Now it can give a third modern woman the chance to love and appreciate the natural beauty of this piece £75 at

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Dead Weather - Winter's Inspiration

Jack White and Alison Mosshart .. you don't get much cooler than this.

My Winter outfits have begun to surface, and out goes all my flowery dresses. I noticed today that as soon as the weather begins to turn, the leaves start to drop (or be savaged from the trees by the wind as they have been today - I have the biggest hair you've ever seen) and the big blue Yorkshire sky turns gradually greyer so do my clothes.

My Winter coat was found at Vintage at Goodwood, an original swashbuckling Royal Navy Admiral's coat, with beautiful big brass buttons, a huge tail, slit up the back, a hook... I'm assuming this was to hand a sword on, and shot though lining just adding to it's charm. The real deal.

The coat will be accessorised with plenty of eyeliner aka Jack White, lace, fur, big biker boots, tribal jewellery and a huge piece of embroidered Victorian black silk as a scarf/ skirt whatever tickles my fancy. I've also grown into white linen and lace petticoats worn under my knee high dresses, very Wuthering heights. A few designers for high street shops picked some up off my stall at Goodwood... you heard it here first!

I'm also mad for 60's Bridget Bardoe hair. I read in the Guardian recently that she never gave a damn about he appearance when she was famous and a bit of back combing on scruffy hair goes a long way. That's my girl. Oh, and a bit of nakedness never went a-miss either:

picture from

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fish and Chips with Polka Dots.

A 1960's polka dot mini dress, bare feet and big hair is rather wasted on a posh home cooked dinner.. if only because I'm a very messy cook (I've lost count of the dresses i've spilt tomato puree down)  so the feet need to be covered and some Yorkshire battered Haddock needs my teeth in it.

nom nom