Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Dead Weather - Winter's Inspiration

Jack White and Alison Mosshart .. you don't get much cooler than this.

My Winter outfits have begun to surface, and out goes all my flowery dresses. I noticed today that as soon as the weather begins to turn, the leaves start to drop (or be savaged from the trees by the wind as they have been today - I have the biggest hair you've ever seen) and the big blue Yorkshire sky turns gradually greyer so do my clothes.

My Winter coat was found at Vintage at Goodwood, an original swashbuckling Royal Navy Admiral's coat, with beautiful big brass buttons, a huge tail, slit up the back, a hook... I'm assuming this was to hand a sword on, and shot though lining just adding to it's charm. The real deal.

The coat will be accessorised with plenty of eyeliner aka Jack White, lace, fur, big biker boots, tribal jewellery and a huge piece of embroidered Victorian black silk as a scarf/ skirt whatever tickles my fancy. I've also grown into white linen and lace petticoats worn under my knee high dresses, very Wuthering heights. A few designers for high street shops picked some up off my stall at Goodwood... you heard it here first!

I'm also mad for 60's Bridget Bardoe hair. I read in the Guardian recently that she never gave a damn about he appearance when she was famous and a bit of back combing on scruffy hair goes a long way. That's my girl. Oh, and a bit of nakedness never went a-miss either:

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