Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Festoon's on-the-day Wedding Co-Ordination.

This is what you need to be doing on your wedding day. Not co-ordinating!

As well as decorating and styling weddings, Festoon provides excellent wedding co-ordination on the day itself.

We work with couples who often want a very creative day, which means they have been DIYing a lot of their wedding day. These sorts of weddings can take a huge amount of organising with lots of handcrafted details and external contractors that make up an eclectic and unique day. However with lots of detail comes a lot of last minute headaches! When the ice cream van arrives they will  need to know exactly where to park up (and I bet you'd like to confirm with them exactly when they'll be leaving..), the guests will all have their own needs that we often can't for-see until the day, and all of these little things can't be dealt with by the couple who have organised it all because you're meant to be enjoying yourselves!

I have 11 years experience overseeing weddings and work intuitively with the atmosphere of the day. A wonderful people person, I can ensure the practicalities run smoothly; all contractors set up in the right place but also that no one is left without wine! You will not know I’m there but you’ll be so much more relaxed to know I am.

Woodland and festival weddings a specialty as they require extra knowledge of how these ‘events’ run, but equally at home in any style wedding.
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