Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Styling Projects 2012

Dear all,

I'm working on two styling projects at the moment and feel so blessed to be putting my energies into such exciting and brilliant people and plans.

Vintage Nation is a huge Vintage Festival happening in Brighton in June. Ran by Judy Berger of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair fame, it should be a huge hit. She knows what she’s doing! Tickets will all be very affordable and there will be an enormous selection of Vintage to trawl through. 

Styling for the event so far is including buckets full of wild flowers; projectors playing 20's dancing girls onto walls, a huuugeee amount of bunting to zig zag across rooms, and floor to ceiling piles of vintage books. 

The second project ongoing is working with the brilliant band Thompson Oldman. They are four talented young folk whose band is going from strength to strength. Radio play, London gigs, and a sucessful audition for Live and Unsigned have all happened in the last month. Really original, gorgeous music check it out on the link below! I am styling them to get them as original looking as their music sounds. Lewis (bass) already has a signature top hat and big hair which will soon be matched with lots of similarly novel clothes. Can’t wait to see the finished project at their big final – Derby Live and Unsigned Saturday 14th April at The Riverside Centre, come along and support them! Hopefully leading onto the O2 Arena later in the year.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vintage Nation

Tilley's Vintage is very proud to be working for Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair's newest, most exciting venture yet ...

Not just a day long little Vintage Fair, or a tent at a music festival but a whole Vintage Festival, for and run by, Vintage enthusiasts! Tilleys will be styling the event - adding the Vintage style to the Vintage Festival. Very exciting.

Watch this space for updates!