Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Jose Gonzalez and the New Beginning

A good friend recently rang me up to tell me a massive change was a foot for us Librans. I smiled and nodded, and couldn't help hoping this would be a positive one after the bad luck that landed my way recently. Unfortunatly it was not a good one but was hopefully the end of the unlucky streak and the start of a new beginning.

Jose Gonzales shows his healing powers.

And Lilly shows hers...

Yesterday the beautiful Lilly gave me an equally beautiful evening of Yoga. Her business Peacock Tree Yoga is running away with it's self at the moment but do be in touch for private classes and the few remaining spaces.

Talking of Peacocks do check out the beautiful 60's embroidered silk coat dress (amongst many others) that have just gone up on ebay.. tilleysvintage

More tomorrow

Ruth xx

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