Saturday, 30 April 2011

Shoreditch does Wedding Fever

Hilarious - you've never seen so many stupendously drunk and hip people getting excited about the Royals in your life. The que was four streets long to get into our little street party and people were there before 8 am to ensure they got in for 11. My outfit was photographed more times than I could count and should have been on French channel 2 as well - oh the glamour.

The Commoner come Countess looked beautifully happy I thought, and my prediction of the frock wasn't far off especially if you take into account the maid of honour's buttoned dress. Good luck to them - I really hope they stay so in love.

Shoreditch's version of Royal fever:

Tilley xxx


CC said...

Looks like great fun. I wonder if the drunks were really excited about the wedding or having a day off and excuse to get inibriated? As to the wedding itself - like you I felt they looked very in love with each other and hope they can overcome any glitches that face them.

Lady Cherry said...

Great photos - I have never seen a union flag sarong! x