Monday, 11 July 2011

1965 Jaguar E type, Series 1. It's not just old clothes that float my boat.

The best ever 'family BBQ' I've ever encountered happened yesterday. We roll up expecting a few family and friends, a cut off oil drum and lots of men in novelty aprons (as happens in my family) only to be faced with caterers... a huge marquee, crates of champagne, and enough prettily decorated tables to seat near on 100. However the most exciting part was my boyfriend's uncle's E Type. Check this beauty out. The acceleration was amazing - far more smooth and beautiful than any other car I've been in and the interior was immaculate. As are all his classic cars apparently, oh and there is the yacht too... another world I'm telling you, another world.

Vintage at Goodwood last year featured as many beautiful old cars as it did clothes and it will this year be held on the Southbank, London. This car has been invite as has Tilley's Vintage.

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