Sunday, 26 January 2014

My 5 Favourite Wedding 'Cakes' for 2014

I am a big believer in using something unexpected to put a spin on the traditional. Now I'm not suggesting you spurn the sweet traditional tiers of yumminess and the cutting of the cake, I'm merely offering you alternatives and practical solutions for the modern bride. We all need to save money, to impress our guests and to leave a lasting memory of our special day so here comes 5 delicious yet chic ways to do all of the above....

The Cheese Cake.
The classic alternative wedding 'cake'. Tiers made from rounds of cheese, decorated with grapes. Can still be cut as a traditional cake but provides after dinner cheese and lasts waaaaayyyy into the evening buffet. I would add medjool dates and ivy trailing down the layers. 

The Pie Cake.
An evening buffet & 'cake' with plenty of wit thrown in for good measure. Who needs to spend on two lots of catering?

The Doughnut Pile.
 Already portioned up. Chic. Yummy. Cheap. Done.
Eton Mess Cake.
This has to be my favourite idea. A society wedding I worked at years ago had a whole table covered in tin foil, then our chefs covered it layer by messy layer with meringue, cream and berries, we then decorated it with edible flowers, berries and icing sugar. It was the messiest most beautiful, impressive 'Cake' come dessert I've ever seen. 
Marshmallow Tower.
Something so blummin' original no-one (including myself) has put it together yet! The homemade marshmallow trend is so now and so delicious. Pile up an enormous tower and decorate with your flower or fruit of choice. Pennie at the amazing Pear of Peas does the tastiest marshmallows (you can send the freebies when ever you have a spare second Pen)!
Hope you gain some inspiration from my ideas.
Enjoy your sugar high : )

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