Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014's Brides and Party Princesses to go Paleo for New Year Detox.

The annual detox that is January is more important for those who will be on a podium at some point in the year ahead. Brides to be and those who are hosting big parties want to look and feel their best. The health trends of 2014 interestingly include many ideas that I have incorporated into my own lifestyle since having a child 18 months ago, and I can safely say they work!

A constant appetite for all things naughty will be the main battle for most January detoxers as they will have consumed more sugar over Christmas than normal, usually in the form of chocolate and alcohol. Sugar is our number one beauty enemy causing cravings as well as blotchy skin, acne, dry skin, enlarged pores, eczema and bloodshot eyes . Candida grows in the sugar addict's tummy and every health problem under the sun can be aggravated, not to mention the suggested link that sugar feeds Cancer.

So, how to heal our gut and thereafter our skin, eyes, hair, nails and energy levels? Cutting out all sugar and alcohol is the first step, then I would suggest gluten, yeast, cow's dairy and all things labelled 'diet'. What to add in? Greens, greens and more greens, chilli, garlic (fight those January colds), lots of fruits and vegetables and meat. Yes folks, I said meat and detox in the same article. Humans have evolved, eating as hunters and gathers so therefore our gut has evolved to consume meat, vegetables and fruit most effectively. The 'Paleo' (as in Paleolithic) diet is not a faddy diet it's a way of life for many Americans and I've noticed it is heading this way. Add that together with the brilliant vitamin boost of a green juice and I think we are on to a winner.

Sounds extreme? Not at all! Here are some eating suggestions that makes your New Year Glow easy to achieve.

Breakfast ideas:
Green Juice (lemon, apple, kale, celery)
Rye bread (yeast free such as Biona. Not strictly Paleo but I find it really good) toast with  hummus or goats butter
Eggs on rye bread 

Salad (watercress, rocket, grated carrot, beetroot, cucumber, tomato) with either goats cheese or chicken or Salmon
Soup Butternut squash & celeriac is particularly easy just chop up and boil in good quality chicken stock till soft then liquidise but any vegetable works or good old Chicken Soup.

Roast dinner! A joint of meat with roast veggies. (Don't forget to make a stock from the bones) then you have the next few day's soups).
Pudding: in a blender 2 ripe bananas and a tin of coconut milk - freeze and you have the tastiest no sugar no dairy ice cream known to womankind. Seriously no one will know this is health food.

You can eat as much of the above as you like. You can add as much fat to your food as you like as long as it is a whole fat and not processed (coconut, olive oil, goats butter, rapeseed oil, lard, nut butters - all good for you! Will decrease your appetite and make your skin glow). And you will look and feel incredible... when those sugar and caffine shivers have worn off!

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(Please note I am not a nutritionist, I'm just talking from my own research.)

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