Saturday, 18 December 2010

December 2010: Past, Present and Future.

It is such a cliche but this year has just disappeared. Last week I was struggling to realise what I'd achieved after setting myself such huge goals for the year, but today it has all come together. Here is Tilley's list of achievements over the last 12 months; what is currently occurring and what I hope to bring to my 2011. I do hope this inspires you to take stock of what positives have occurred this year and what you want to achieve in the next!

Last 12 Months
  1. A Summer of festivals! Including the amazing Vintage at Goodwood, Beach Break and Hop Farm in Kent.
  2. Successfully completed a tax return : )
  3. Made Tilley's Vintage a part time venture by reducing my 'day job' !
  4. Some glam outfits - notably the Beach Break little black mini flapper dress and lady gaga glasses, red floaty maxi with feathered hat and the beehive hair with 50's velvet evening gown!
  5. On a less glamorous note I have learnt what to look out for when buying a second hand van!


  1. Meditating
  2. Being a devotional Yogi
  3. Completing Business and Life Plans for 2011
  4. Healing
  5. Watching the snow

  1. I shall start saving for the future
  2. Tilleys will have a full time owner by May
  3. Tilleys will relocate to the Midlands countryside in the little cottage that has been on my mind forever
  4. Another summer of festivals and outfits!
  5. 3000 views per month on the blog
Thank you for your support and Love this year. I couldn't have done it without you,

Tilley xx

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Tilley's Vintage said...

oh and I will keep adding to the comments:

- A pair of Plus Fours I sold have been pattern copied and will be in the Kelly Ewing Winter 2011 collection to be sold in Sarah Coggles!