Friday, 14 February 2014

Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Without The Stress!

For those of you sans-kids you may be unaware just how much work is involved with a child's birthday party: the planning; invites, theme, cake, food, decor, balloons, party bags, presents. Not to mention the clearing up after! All this around your 'everyday' child-centered life that ends when they are asleep (in my case around 10pm some nights).. so you have around 2 hours per day to put in the leg work, after clearing up and doing everything else you can't do with the little people around! 

Then it comes to the day itself. The children have every expectation and the build up in their mind is enormous. So how do you juggle the food and setting up the party with spending time with your loved one on their birthday? Ask Festoon to do it for you! 

Festoon can provide a ready made child's party with themes such as The Circus or A Rainbow or you can work with us to create the perfect theme for your child. All parties include a soundtrack, decor, chalk board & chalk and table ware (table cloth, napkins, plates, cutlery, milk bottle cups & straws). Add-ons include inventive invites, sweetie table & weighing scales, party food, cake and party bags. 

Shropshire based will travel. 

Sit back - enjoy your little person's birthday! 

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