Thursday, 6 January 2011

Vintage Cookery

Bloody love a bit of cooking to warm the soul, feed my loved ones and to create something sensory. There are so many gorgeous bits of Vintage paraphernalia out there to cook with! I have some stunning 30's embroidered aprons that I'm debating whether to part with at the moment. 

My other favourite kitchen pieces are some of the simplest to come across - it's the putting them together that requires some flair.


An old beautiful set of scales are far more accurate than any new sets as they rely on weights rather than their own mechanism..

Or if like me you use a lot of American recipes , they are so different and simple - cup measurements can be found in the most beautiful styles. I've just brought these amazing ceramic measuring cups from not strictly vintage but look so beautiful they fit in marvellously.

Then there is the never ending collection of crockery. This can be brought from junk shops and carboots and should NEVER match (cardinal rule)...

And my favourite: Vintage glass wear...

Happy Cooking xx

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Eryl said...

Oh, how I covet that long stemmed green glass!