Monday, 18 October 2010

Beauty in all settings

This week I've been on a Silent retreat... off into the wilds of the Isle of Skye. I had the most beautiful, calming week and discovered a wonderful way to live. Me and my van kitted out in many layers of fur coats, natural rugs and duvets; a pile of books and as many layers of angora and cashmere as I could lay my hands on spent three days finding the most remote and quiet spots in the Outer Hebridies .... Me in my snood and the occasional piccie of my boots is the most fashion you're going to get here i'm afraid....

oh.. apart from the purple Noa Noa Boot Socks - Lush (I'm hanging round with too many Welshies)

The bed/ livingroom/ library with views like this out of the window..

I woke up to this view on the last morning, after driving there in the dark. Wowie

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